Singing is for EVERYONE

Singing isn’t just for a special gifted few who are destined to make a professional career of it.

We all sing in our daily lives. Whether it’s humming along to the radio or belting out our favorite tunes in the shower, singing zemiros on Friday nights or hymns on Sunday morning, singing a lullaby to our children or the national anthem in a crowd of hundreds, singing around a campfire or in a chorus or in a starring role on stage, singing pop songs or folk songs or opera arias or “Happy Birthday” to mom, singing is something every one of us does at one time or another.

Singing is a human thing, and the human voice is the most expressive instrument there is. In song we give voice to our joys and our sorrows, to our love and our longing and our delight. We rally our fellows to action or calm a troubled heart. We join in song in the solidarity of community, or we express the deepest stirrings of our solitary soul. We sing to serenade our beloved, or give praise to the Divine. We sing because the spirit moves us and as Spirit moves through us. Singing is not just for some of us. It is, indeed, for everyone.

And it’s even more fun the more you learn

  • Do you love to sing and wish you could do so with more confidence and greater ease and freedom
  • Have you always wished you could harmonize, or stay on pitch and carry a tune more accurately, whether solo or with a group
  • Would you like to expand your range, develop a more beautiful and more powerful sound, or just feel less self-conscious about singing
  • Were you ever told that you didn’t have a voice and thought you couldn’t sing, but wished you could

Every one of us is blessed with a unique vocal instrument that can be developed more fully, whatever our starting point, so that we can sing more confidently, powerfully and beautifully, and with less strain and struggle.

Voice lessons are energizing and tremendous fun as one discovers how the voice really works, becomes more in tune with one’s body, releases tensions one never realized were there, and connects to one’s creative inspiration.

The process of learning to sing is a wonderful way to release stress and to bring balance to the goal-oriented left-brain thinking mode that so predominates in our world.

It can help us connect to the powerful life energy at our creative core. And this grounding and balancing work can make us happier and better at whatever else we do in life.

Discovering the joy of a beautiful, free singing voice