Who am I / My approach

Tziporah Miriam Halperin
Mezzo-soprano / Voice Teacher

I am a professional singer with opera and concert credits throughout the US as well as experience as a sacred soloist and cantor, and I am a creative, patient and supportive teacher with a voice studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (New York City).

My approach is playful and non-judgmental and multi-sensory, using visual, auditory and kinesthetic modes of learning. I make liberal use of silly animal sounds, primal emotion and all sorts of imagery, as well as incorporating elements of massage, acupressure, yoga, Alexander Technique, brain theory, physiology and anatomy. Together we do a great deal of looking in the mirror to see what your body is doing; tuning in to what you are feeling from within; noticing the qualities of the sounds you are hearing and producing; and connecting to the flow of the breath by breathing deeply and consciously — itself a tremendously powerful and even healing practice.

Whatever can help you find a personal connection to yourself is what I seek to discover and work with. My process is exquisitely individually focused as I strive to meet you where you are and together explore the path forward from there.

For me it is not a question of “Do I have enough talent to do this?” (so often the first thing people will ask) but rather: “What will open the way to greater self-awareness, and freedom and fullness of expression?” I consider whatever “level” a person is at to be valid and beautiful, whether professional or beginner or even self-described “tone-deaf”.

Learning to sing is not about evaluation and judgment, but instead a path of appreciation and celebration of one’s unique gifts, of inspiration and expansion, and of revelation and manifestation of one’s true voice. It is a beautiful journey of discovery that is as important as its destination. Ultimately, it is the unfolding of one’s inner self with joy.

Discover the joy of a beautiful, free singing voice